Hidden-Vue Farm

Hidden-Vue Farm is a Certified Organic 550 acre farm. The farm is managed by Jim and David Nortunen and is located in Northern Wisconsin not far from the shores of Lake Superior.

We raise organic, grass-fed Red Devon cross beef cattle. The Red Devon is a heritage breed that has escaped genetic tampering and has not been modified to a grain based diet. This breed is moderate framed, highly fertile, efficient, and grows and finishes well on grass.

We practice management intensive grazing for the health of the animals and of the land. Our beef cows are raised naturally on fresh pasture directly harvesting the sun's energy to produce lean, healthy, flavorful beef. We use no growth hormones, chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides on either the animals or the land. Our whole farm is certified organic through MOSA.

Every day of the grazing year the cattle get moved to a fresh new paddock. Rotating animals through different pastures more closely mimics natural migration patterns. Our animals get all the fresh air and sunshine they want. In the winter they eat hay made from our fields. Our animals only eat grass, water, salt, and minerals.

Our calves are born in our carefully managed pastures according to the animal's natural reproductive cycles. Our calves nurse at their mothers sides for at least 6-8 months.


Listing last updated on Aug 24, 2009

We feature 100% Grassfed and finished beef. Our animals are certified Organic through MOSA and our meat has been tested at Iowa St. to have 8-12 times more Omega 3 and twice as much CLA as compared to grain fed beef.

Our entire herd has been ultrasounded several times to determine which animals are the most tender which results in a great eating steak every time.

We sell bulk hamburger by the pound, 1/3 pound hamburger patties, as well as 1/4's, 1/2's and whole animals cut up as you wish.

Schedule and Location:

Please call for pickup times. Delivery may be scheduled depending upon location and size of order.

62467 Nortunen Rd
Marengo WI 54855

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