High Cotton farms offers 100 % free range chicken eggs, daylilies, Kiko goats, and an electronic pdf guide titled "After the Hunt: An Illustrated Guide to Home Deer Processing".

Although eggs are not listed on our website we welcome new regular customers. We produce about 10 dz per week currently but will increase to 70 dz this fall. We use several heritage breeds of chickens as well as some modern crosses.

We offer about 44 daylily cultivars currently and will increase as needed. These are in very limited supply.

Our Kiko meat goats are primarily bred to produced registered breeding stock for other farms. Bucklings or doelings that do not meet our standards as breeders will be sold each summer for food. They are browse and forage raised. The guide illustrates, with color photos, every cut I make on a deer start to finish including skinning, quartering, and butchering. It was intended for family and friends but they convinced me to offer it to the public.

Listing last updated on May 14, 2012

High Cotton Farms offers 100% free range eggs, daylilies, Kiko goats, and "After the Hunt: an Illustrated Guide to Home Deer processing". Please see our website for more specific infomation.

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