We have just finished redeveloping the family farm run by our family for three generations. We have fenced out all streams and woodlands and installed new water systems and are working with USDA guidelines to redevelop pasture grasses in order to implement rotational grazing. We raise Scottish Highland Cattle for their outstanding beef. These cows are well suited for our farm terrain. Because we are working with small numbers, we don't have to feed our cattle anitbiotics to prevent disease. By using grass-fed methods and giving them more attention, they produce an "all natural" product.

Listing last updated on Jul 23, 2008

Scottish Highland Beef, no growth hormones or anitbiotics used. Highland beef is outstanding for its flavor, tenderness and fine texture. Factors are....the breed itself, a grass based diet, good management and correct handling fo the carcass. This includes USDA inspection and ensuring that the sides of beef are well hung for a minimum of three weeks before cutting. Lean and low in cholesterol, the beef carries just the right amount of marbling to give the flavor typical of old fashion beef.

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