Highland Hill Farm

This farm land had been abandoned in the 1930's and left to return to forest. Purchased in 1985 I begin to clear the fields and pastures of trees leaving the stumps in the ground to rot in place. These acres were seeded for grazing and fenced in for Highland cattle, this practice of enriching the soil continues today. A portion of these cleared areas have been in production for vegtable gardening with expansion every year. Acres USA, monthly magazine of sustainable/organic farming influences many of the practices used here on this farm.

Potatoes and sugar pumpkins derived from organic heritage seeds are the main focus of vegtable production. Most of what has been produced here has been given away locally in exchange for farm help or friendship. The seeds for all the other minor crops are also cert. organic. Low till / no till with hay mulch, using hand tools with minimum soil layering disruption and applied compost and organic fertilizers that feed the soil is the method used.

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Highland Hill Farm , grass fed /pastured highland cattle, low till / no till with hay mulch gardening methods. Cold frame low tunnel greenhouses and soil enrichment through compost and organic fertilizers which feed the soils that feed the plants. Hand tools are used to airate and loosen soils. The Broadfork, an old time gardening tool is built and sold from this farm. The broadfork works like a soil pitch fork but is much larger and easer to use while more work gets done.

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