Hillcrest Ranch Sunol LLC

Hillcrest Ranch Sunol LLC is a small family owned business that produces fresh, organic extra virgin olive oil. We have Manzanillo, Picholine, and Mission variety olives.

Our century old trees are dry land farmed, hand picked, and cold pressed the same day, giving our oil a rich, fresh, pungent flavor. Our early harvest, organic blend of Picholine and Mission olives is grassy and fruity, and our extra virgin Manzanillo oil has a robust flavor with a peppery kick.

We also make fragrance- free and lavender olive oil soap using dry-land farmed olive oil and lavender grown on our ranch.

The olives are milled at the Olivina in Livermore and bottled in Sunol. We hope you enjoy our pure, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil!

Listing last updated on Feb 4, 2014

Visit Hillcrest Ranch at our open houses every other month! Check us out on Facebook for more information.

Open House activities include: Olive Brining, Soap Making & Small Mill Demonstrations View Bottling Facilities Olive Oil Tasting Self Guided Tour of HIstoric Olive Orchard Wine Tasting

Wear your hiking boots and bring a picnic lunch!

Schedule and Location:

U-Pick olives during November/December harvest on Saturdays 10:30am-2:30pm

Organic, extra virgin Picholine/ Mission olive oil, 500ml and 200ml bottles.
Extra virgin Manzanillo olive oil, 500ml bottles and 200ml bottles.
Fragrance-free and lavender soaps.

Contact Kathleen Elliott for wholesale pricing and information.

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