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NOTE: Will return to the Macon Curb Market on Mulberry Street in Macon in September. We will return with our popular natural Goat Milk Soap selections.

Dairy Goats. All of our poultry free range over our grass pastures and are secured at night for protection. We do not use pesticides on our property, we rely soley on our guinea fowl. Our birds are fed with supplemental layer feed that does not contain medication or hormone. The egg yolks are a rich yellow gold and are very large. All birds are free range so the eggs are fertile. We gather eggs twice daily to ensure quality and cleanliness and to prevent embryo growth. The eggs are washed with solutions to keep the natural "bloom" but clean the debris off, then refrigerated. Our farm also produces naturally grown vegetables, seasonal availability. Our fertilizer is natural, produced by the rabbits! We also harvest and package the "bunny berries" to use as a manure tea for fertilizing your garden!

We specialize in Handmade Goat Milk Soap! I use the fresh milk from my dairy goats to produce a quality product that includes fresh honey from our farm. All natural without chemical dye or preservative added. We specialize in


Listing last updated on Aug 7, 2013

On site seminars available! We are available to speak to your class or group!

Schedule and Location:

Mulberry Street Market, Macon,Ga.
Wednesday 4-7pm

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