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HIPPIE HEN NEWS! Winter 2013 - No eggs right now. So sorry! Check back in the Spring.

WHO I AM: We're an urban flock of sorts. What used to be a rural, quiet, country area is now dotted with small neighborhoods, newly constructed public schools, expanded roadways, etc.

THE EGGS: My hens produce large brown and speckled eggs; extra-large white eggs, and small, hard-shelled blue, green, light purple, and pink eggs. Eggs are sold sized (and priced accordingly).......small/medium and large/extra-large.

Blue Seal's ORGANICLIFE feed is used, and is supplemented with bugs, grass, fresh veggies and fruits, organic dairy products, and SUNSHINE. The yolks are bright orange and maintain shape when the egg is broken. Don't be surprised to crack an egg and get a DOUBLE-YOKER! The flavor of my eggs is amazing......you won't be disappointed. Shells are clean.......not from washing (NEVER wash eggs!), but from above-average coop-management practices.

THE CHICKENS: We have a variety of hens, mostly heritage breeds. All have been hand-raised since chickhood. The chickens are rotated around my small yard as much as possible, helping eradicate the bugs on my fruit trees and destroy all things green. :D

HOW TO BUY: I operate off of an "egg list." If you are interested in purchasing eggs, please send me an e-mail, which is my preferred contact method. I will respond within 24 hours. I have (1) pick-up day each week, depending on my family's schedule. THANKS so much for stopping by!


Listing last updated on Jan 3, 2013

Rainbow egg-laying hens raised on SUNSHINE and natural food choices.

Schedule and Location:

I operate off of an "egg list" and have a designated pick-up day. Please e-mail me for information.

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