Hirschel Heritage Farm

Nestled in the fertile folds of Palouse loam hill country south of Spokane, we are working toward creating a family supporting agricultural enterprise beginning with safely and nutritiously grown table and juicing carrots. Every year we are studying and listening to the soil for wisdom on how to return it to its full capacity for the elements and ergs needed for raising life-giving food. We use organic seed and soil amendments, drip irrigate for evaporation and weed control, hand sort, trim and bag for quality control, and store in the cooler for temperature and rodent control. I especially welcome juicing customers who are bravely squaring off against cancers with lower prices and will hold and supply carrots for them as long as the carrots last. We normally harvest 10-12 thousand pounds of carrots each year in October.

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The Farmer bears a sacred trust to learn the ways of earth's thin crust. The soil's alive, it lives, it breathes; It yields its strength to him who believes.

Bagged carrots in three size ranges.

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We (T&J Enterprises) have been working with Bruce Hogan now for three years improving the natural organic qualities of both his land and produce - his carrots.... [more]

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