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Hixson Farms is located between Edwards and Bovina along the Big Black River. Mr. and Mrs. Hixson planned out their small three acre farm for four years. They knew that they wanted to organically grow peppers, vegetables, herbs, nuts, and some fruit. The first step was to learn what they could about organic growing and what would be best grown in Mississippi. Once compiling a vast library on organic farming and Farmers Markets they worked on their list. Mr. Hixson's focus is to plant organic and when possible heirloom seeds to insure quality and great taste. In the meantime Mrs. Hixson is also producing herbs for the teas that are now available.


We have purchased a new 20 acre farm! Now the plans for the new farm. This land has never been farmed. So, you can just image the work that needs to be done. We have fields that need to be cleared. We have to put in a well and water catching system. We will have animals added to the farm, so they are going to need a home. And many other projects to complete. If anyone is interested in helping just drop us an email. We have planted fruit, nut, and olive tress. We are adding Chickens and more produce. We will be back at the Market in two years. We look forward to coming back to the market and seeing all of our good friends soon

They have built a clientele that include a health food store in Florida, and supply a couple of small restaurants. Mr. and Mrs. Hixson are eager to hear the suggestions of their customers, and if possible, integrate them into their planting plan.

The future plans for Hixson farms includes the construction of more hoop houses to extend the growing year. They have access to an other six acres they plan to plant next spring. Mrs. Hixson is working on including some canned goods such as pickled peppers and farm salsa. Support your local farmers and artisans shop at Jackson's Farmers' Market for your quality goods.

If you are interested in the educational opportunities that will be offered in the building our new permaculture farm, just drop us an email.


Listing last updated on Mar 4, 2013

We have purchased a new farm!

Please contact us for information on up and coming classes on subjects such as Green building practices, container gardening, solar cooking, how to work and live in a organic living organism.

Schedule and Location:

Mississippi Farmers' Market in Jackson on High St. Sat. 9 am to 2 pm.

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