We raise our swine in the most humane and healthy manner possible. We strive to produce the highest quality meats and other farm products, for sale directly to the consumer; From a single cut, to a roaster pig, to a whole hog cut to order we aim to please. We pasture feed our animals and raise them from birth. We aim to have a constant supply of feeder pigs for other farms and available for 4H and other youth organization project animals. We aim to involve and refamilliarize the community with farming.

In addition to the swine operation, we are diversifying into Pastured poultry, farm fresh eggs, and pesticide\herbicide free fruits and vegetables.

We do our best to keep our operation as natural as possible, our animals are pasture fed a healthy diet and never given hormones. We don't carry any certifications, aside for being human, we know what goes into our animals and ulimately into your food we steer clear of animal byproducts and prophylactic medicines. We've had no diseased animals and are judicious in the use of medicines should an incident occur. we also do our best to buy new breeding stock only from trusted suppliers and hand pick them.

We welcome other producers to contact us about our operation, we also encourage you to contact us about cooperative efforts to bring profitability back to the family farm and wholesome food back to the dinner table. Farmers who don't cooperate, collaborate, and pool resources might as well be throwing their money away; the middle man has the upper hand and the consumer only pays more for a lesser quality product. When attention is paid to a product from day one until it hits your plate, the result is an outstanding product that isn't loaded with extra salt, sugar and other preservatives to keep it resembling the product you're intending to buy.

The red tape of usda bureacracy can be overcome if we work together, We welcome the public for farm tours by appointment, as we are busy most days but always enjoy guests. We feel it's important to involve the public as often as possible as people need to be aware of where their food comes from.

I value the knowledge of retired farmers who lived through the various changes in agriculture that has led to the paradigm we are in today. They often have alot of wisdom and stories they are willing to share, merely for the companionship. I encourage all agrarians to pick the brains of these wonderful people as they are a dying breed with alot to share. If you have real world advice on farming, and either no longer are doing it or do it only on a limited basis, share. People need to remember the lessons of history as those who don't are doomed to repeat it.

-To all those who've passed before us producing to feed america, -To all those who farm today -To all those who endeavor to continue farming the way it was meant : farmer to consumer as direct, healthy, and fresh as possible- -Farm on


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Our retail outlet is at the Healing Center in downtown Phillips, WI where we direct market our farm products. Our farm is 12 miles east of Phillips on Highway H, Where we raise quality animals for quality food products. We try to have a good stock on hand of frozen product and keep it fresh. We sell the best bratwust and italian sausage using local processors with proven recipes. Nothing but the best! Please call ahead to schedule a farm tour as we always enjoy guests. Farm in Peace!

Schedule and Location:

The Healing Center
126 N Lake Avenue (hwy 13) Phillips, WI
Store Hours and products available change with season. Call for current hours and product availability. 715 339 4550

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