Holy Cow Beef

Grass-Raised, Grass-Finished, Dry-Aged Angus Beef

Holy Cow Beef produces the highest quality home-grown, grass-raised & grass-finished beef available to your dinner table. Our goal is to continue as a sustainable steward of God's natural resources. We raise and finish our animals for retail consumption by family, friends and discriminating consumers. To better understand the nutritional benefits of grass-finished beef consult eatwild.com and eatwellguide.org. Holy Cow Beef is proud to belong to the AGA: American Grassfed Association, and is governed by the standards of both the AGA and the AWA (Animal Welfare Approved) organizations. We also are audited once a year by the AWA for our animal welfare and our animal husbandry.

We harvest our animals when they develop adequate back fat and intramuscular marbling, and this is normally achieved between 24 and 30 months of age. Through continually improving genetics we are producing docile and easy handling animals, bigger ribeyes and better marbling. By finishing animals on pasture grasses, the animal produces a hearty, natural tasting beef. Our management style avoids grain, corn feeding, stress, and the feedlot environment. We employ rotational pasture grazing on native Texas grasses, winter annuals and select introduced grasses. We use NO growth hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. These animals are finished in the most natural and low stress conditions possible.

Our beef is Dry Aged (hanging in a freezer before processing) for 9-14 days to provide a hearty, brown-roasted beefy flavor and then it is vacuum packed for optimal storage and Wet Aging in your own refrigerator if desired by you. Savor the healthier flavor and enjoy the wholesome and nutritional advantages of Holy Cow Beef's naturally finished beef.

We sell by the cut with a 20lb. minimum order for direct home delivery (multiple 10lb. group orders work well) when we make a drop on delivery day. Shipping within Texas. Contact us for details.


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