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Welcome to HOME GROWN FARM. If you are looking for chicken, eggs, beef, lamb or pork raised without antibiotics or growth hormones, you can find that here. My chickens, cattle and hogs are raised in their natural environment.

I raise Barred Rocks, Marans and Araucanas (easter egg chicken). My CHICKENS range outside during the day and are tucked safely in their coop during the night to protect from predators. My CATTLE are COMPLETELY grassfed, they receive dried grass or hay during the winter only when necessary. My HOGS are allowed to root, graze and lay around in the fresh air and sunshine. My pigs and chickens are also feed a ration, that I hand mix, without any hormones or antibiotics. I have added sheep to my farm. I will have lamb available in the near future. All of my animals are given all natural kelp, or seaweed, for the valuable minerals it contains.

I am now raising South Poll cattle. This breed was created by Teddy Gentry. For more info on the breed please see their website. They are bred to fatten naturally on grass with no supplements (as cattle should be), also for fertility, longevity, good dispostions, heat tolerance and good udders. Their site is: www.southpoll.com

This is not a new thing or a whim for me, it's something I've always believed in. And just know it's the right thing to do.


Listing last updated on Jul 19, 2013

Eggs are currently available. I have pork fat available for sale, please call/email asap! Reserve your PORK with a small deposit now for 2013! Price is 3.50/lb. for a whole pig and 3.75/lb for a half pig. Price is by HANGING weight. SOLD OUT - beef for late summer/early fall 2013. Price for beef is: whole - $3.00/lb, 1/2 - $3.25lb, 1/4 - $3.50. Next beef will be available Summer 2014. CUSTOMER PAYS PROCESSING on beef and pork.

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I really like your eggs. The quailty and freshness shows. They remind me of the eggs I would eat when visiting at my grandfather's house. The yolks show how your hens are allowed freedom.... [more]

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