We're a small family becoming the fourth generation to farm the "Home Place." We sell hormone and antibiotic free pork, beef, and chicken directly to consumers.

We bed our hog house with deep natural fibers like wheat straw inside, and have plenty of room for the hogs to root in the dirt outside. The sows are not confined in farrowing "crates," but instead we have small pens for each little family that allow the sow to come and go as she pleases.

Our beef is raised on rotationally grazed pasture, and finished on 120 days of grain. We hope to have forage finished Dexter beef available soon.

Our Freedom Ranger chickens are raised in chicken tractors, and are moved to fresh grass every day.

By focusing on healthy, happy animals, we're able to avoid many of the sicknesses that plague CAFOs and are able to raise delicious meat without any of the toxicity so common in the commodity food supply.

Listing last updated on Sep 19, 2012

Naturally Raised Pork, Beef, and Chicken

Schedule and Location:

Reno County Farmer's Market
2nd and Washington, Hutchinson, KS
7:30-12:00 Every Saturday
10:00-2:00 Wednesday

Schedule and Location:

Call ahead and arrange for pickup at the farm.

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