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Home to the Farm is the name used by Bryn Hollow Farm to designate our fine fiber products and farm related art work. At Bryn Hollow Farm we specialize in raising fine fiber goats such as Cashmere and Pygoras. Bryn Hollow Farm believes in preserving the ethics and way of life of the small American Farm where pride in quality and in the care of our livestock is paramount to the farm's success.

The farm is proud to be the home of Pycazz fiber goats, a new variety of fiber goat that has cashmere fine fiber and produces more of it, with goats that yield two harvests of cashmere fine fiber a year. Our fine herd of sheep and goats was brought here from Oregon, our foundation buck, Goose Creek Farm Jackson, is a Pygora Twice Grand Champion. Many of our goats have won in the Pygora and Cashmere Show Rings and and our fine fiber has also won ribbons for their fineness.

Products include custom made socks and Cashmere, Pygora, and Pycazz roving, yarn, and raw fiber. We also offer fiber goat kids and goats for sale, but do not sell goat meat. Wool is also available from time to time, raw wool is almost always available, and fine wool blends are created that compliment the fineness of the cashmere and Pygora fibers.

The farm also has Jacob's sheep, a heritage breed, and Cormo sheep, a new and scientifically developed breed that produces very fine wool, and our fine Cormo-Jacobs crosses to get the fineness of Cormo with the dark color of the Jacob's brown.

Bryn Hollow Farm is now expanding its livestock to include heritage breeds such as Scottish Highland Cattle. Two Scottish Highland heifers just arrived to join a young bull calf and heifer, William and Mary, who are half Devon and half Highland. The farm hopes to add purebred Devon cattle in the future and continue to raise heritage breeds. Our Jacobs sheep are also a heritage breed, but unfortunately the farm does not have a Jacob's Ram at this time.

Gift products include a variety of original farm and animal art work of original pastel art, with links to the Artimal Web site of my daughter's whimsical, colorful, and renoun creations. .WE appreciate visitors and making new fiber friends. The Pycazz goat now has a chat line and our network is supportive and daily growing. If you love fine fiber and wool, fiber and wool products, then check out Bryn Hollow Farm.


Listing last updated on Aug 11, 2009

Bryn Hollow Farm is home to Home to the Farm products and art work. The farm specializes in raising fine fiber goats: Cashmere and Pygora and is the proud home of the Pycazz fiber goat. We offer fine fiber and wool products, roving and yarns, and custom made socks. Periodicaly there are beautiful fiber goats and kids for sale, with our farm Pygora foundation buck a twice Grand Champion. Our herd moved to Arkansas from Oregon making it possible to introduce them to this region of the country.

Schedule and Location:

Bryn Hollow Farm is located in Arkansas in the Imboden-Pocohantas area, about 45 minutes from Thayer, MO. off of Rte. 115. Someone is here almost all the time, but email or call in advance before coming to the farm. Fiber and wool products are mailed anywhere in the country, but visitors are welcome. .

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