We returned to our family's farm in 2006 and rediscovered our passion for dairy and beef cattle. Our desire to once again grow our own beef and provide our own milk, has grown into a desire to offer fresh milk and grassfed beef to families in the local area. Our milk is from Jersey cows. All our cows are raised on pasture and grass/hay only with no antibotics, hormones, chemicals or pesticides. We also offer eggs from our free-range hens. We have jersey herdshares available with low monthly boarding fees, and ODA certified beef for sale at the farm. We also offer milkfed pork for our owners only. We have Liberty Market in Kettering as an agent for our owners living south of Dayton, and are working with setting up an agent for the Columbus, Ohio area. We love visitors, but call or email to schedule a time to be sure we are available when you stop.

Listing last updated on Jan 7, 2015

Jersey herdshares are available! Call or email for information on how to try our milk without any obligation. We are forming a group for the Columbus area.....if you would like more information, please email or call. Please allow 24-48 hours for a return call or email. We will have a new supply of beef and pork for owners only February 2015.

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I can't believe it took us so long to find this jewel of a farm so close to us! John and Cathy are wonderful to work with, we love the product we receive from our herd share and are very thankful for all the work they put into great product.

This is a family ran farm, high quality products that taste great. We got a package of the longhorn ground beef and we've never had burgers that were so good.... [more]

John & Cathy are great & the farm is clean. They're easy to work with, and the milk is the best we have ever tasted. We purchased eggs and have been very pleased.... [more]

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