Buy a 1/2 or 1/4 of a naturally fed beef yearling, custom cut and wrapped to your preference, for your freezer. Our family farm has been offering local natural beef to the northshore for over 30 years. Conveniently located only an hour drive from New Orleans or Baton Rouge. Call for availability of natural grass or grain fed beef. Satisfaction Guaranteed...985-507-3186

Good News About Red Meat: You don't need to exist only on rabbit food. Lean red meat can be healthy. A study in the (Journal of Nutrition) showed that lean red meat did not increase oxidative stress and inflammation in the body- the two major culprits in heart disease and diabetes. So you don't need to feel guilty about that extra steak last week. I do not advertise as organic. We use nothing for artificial weight gain. At 10-14 months yearlings hit a growth spurt naturally & this helps tenderness. 23+ hours a day the steers are on acres of ryegrass (seasonal). I like to see them grow & they like to see me at the barn morn & evening for a gallon of grain! Customers comment on flavor & tenderness! You pay me, the farmer $4.00 a pound carcus/hanging weight; and the butcher $.60 a pound when you pick up ready for your freezer. Phone is the preferred contact method.


Listing last updated on Mar 11, 2014

We have beef available in the next few weeks.

Schedule and Location:

Anytime, call to order 985-507-3186 ...Loranger Louisiana

Schedule and Location:

Anytime, call to order 985-507-3186 ...Loranger Louisiana

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I visited the farm and liked what I saw. Beautiful farm with lots of green pasture for the herd to roam. I bought a grass fed calf that dressed 630lbs.... [more]

This is the third time we have ordered meat from Homestyle Natural Beef. Once again it is grrreat, nice and tender and the fact that is natural is a plus.... [more]

I've been wanting natural beef for many years and finally did it, my adult children are hooked, we like the taste of the meat, we got some bones to make a stock for soup and our dogs and the visiting dogs enjoy chewing on the bone.... [more]

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