On my farm I have a year round kitchen where I create A+ Meal Kits and Heat&Eat products using fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans from neighboring farms. I want to train and license others to use community kitchens to freeze and vacuum pack unsold and cosmetically challenged farm crops. A+ Meals provide "Farm Fresh Foods for Your Freezer"--stir fry meal kits, fruit sauces and more. Visit www.ourhometownfoods.com to tour our Hometown Foods Harvest Kitchen.

Listing last updated on Mar 28, 2014

Hometown Foods Harvest Kitchen creates "Farm Fresh Foods for Your Freezer". We train others in our kitchen to duplicate these frozen food ideas in community kitchens everywhere. Hometown Foods' A+ Meal quality is outstanding compared to large scale processed frozen meal options. We use proven technology with a 50 year track record and provide an innovative "Taste of Yesterday to Meet the Health Needs of Today".

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