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Honey Guy Products produces East Texas Wildflower Honey. We operate bee hives on our farm and on other East Texas farms and ranches, producing natural, unprocessed RAW honey. Our bees work many different types of wildflowers to produce a flavorful, darker honey loaded with healthy pollens. Excellent for use with allergies - even if the user is NOT LOCAL to East Texas. Researchers agree that WILDFLOWER honey which has many pollens is better for allergies than a local honey which may often include only one pollen.

Honey Guy Products also produces natural beeswax skin creams. Our flagship product is Water Blocker Skin Cream. It is great for dry, cracked, split hands and feet. It is also WATERPROOF, protecting hands exposed to water, antiseptic soaps, grease, dirt and chemicals during the work day. It penetrates the skin quickly so it is NOT sticky or greasy and it has no scent other than natural beeswax. Because it is waterproof, it lasts all day for most people - doctors, nurses, beauticians, florists, etc., who are in water all day find Waterblocker Skin Cream very effective for all-day protection against drying, cracking and raw hands.

It is safe for use on children, for diaper rash. It also STOPS itch, burn and sting! Natural antihistamines in beeswax will stop itching, burning amd stinging from insect bites, plant born allergies (poison ivy) and from burns (sunburn, burns from fire and hot objects, even chemical burns). Use Water Blocker on animals as well for hot spots that itch, dry, cracked pads, and to treat injuries that won't heal because the animal won't stop licking or chewing. Waterblocker stops the discomfort so the animal will leave the wound alone and it seals and protects the injury.

We make another great cream using Waterblocker Skin Cream as the base and adding the natural insect repellent CITRONELLA. Our trade-marked name is Bite Free Skin Cream. The Citronella is cosmetic grade and is safe for use on anyone - adults, children and animals. Because the citronella is embedded in our waterproof cream, it lasts all day - even when swimming or sweating!

For people who are prone to nicks and scrapes or who take medicine which causes them to bleed easily, we make a heavy beeswax cream called Beeswax Bandage. It is heavy enough to seal off a minor bleeding wound and will stay on in awkward places where a bandage may not. It can also be used where a really heavy barrier is needed to protect the skin - concrete workers, etc.


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Natural, unprocessed, RAW honey packed with many pollens - great for allergies no matter where you live!

Water Blocker Skin Cream for dry, cracked skin and for all-day protection from water, grease, dirt and chemicals. Also for itch, burn and sting!

Bite Free Skin Cream for all-day insect protection. Uses natural Citronella as the repellent. Waterproof! Safe for children and animals.

Beeswax Bandage stops bleeding without sting! Waterproof!

Schedule and Location:

Canton First Monday Trade Days, Canton, Tx.
Arbors 2, space 237. Thursday-Sunday BEFORE the first Monday of each month 8am-5pm.
Also internet sales at www.honeyguyproducts.com

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