Honey Wine Vinegar Harvest Apple

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Honey Wine Vinegar Harvest Apple

Honey Wine Vinegar has a distinctive, sweet flavor smooth enough to stand alone, yet strong enough for a lively ingredient.

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Slide Ridge Honey Wine Vinegar is liquid sunshine, derived from one of nature's purest foods -- honey. Our Honey Wine Vinegar brightens any table or dish, with a distinctive, sweet flavor smooth enough to enjoy on its own, yet strong enough to liven up your favorite recipes. It easily replaces any other vinegar with a smooth and pleasing flavor.

Our Honey Wine Vinegar is great as a simple yet flavorful low-calorie dressing, but it also makes a great ingredient for dressings, marinades, glazes, sauces, desserts, and much more!

Add some sunshine to your life and include Slide Ridge Honey Wine Vinegar in your kitchen! Slide Ridge Honey, the base of all our products, is gathered from wildflowers in the high-mountain valleys of Northern Utah. With a long tradition of beekeeping, the foundation of the Slide Ridge products and success is healthy and productive bees.

At Slide Ridge, we practice sustainable, low-impact, and all-natural beekeeping methods, without the use of chemicals or other poisons. We raise our own queens and use only all-natural plant-based nutrients and essential oils, to keep our bees healthy and our hives strong. We may not know all the bees by name, but we know most of them!

Our success is seen in the activity of our hives. Strong hives and active bees not only produce good honey but they add strength and beauty to the mountain flowers that sustain them.

The first thing you notice about our Honey Wine Vinegar is the color, its golden color comes from the beautiful wild flowers that bees collect the sweet nectar from. The vinegar we make from our 100% pure raw honey that we produce here in Northern Utah, and the love we put into our honey business is felt in the quality taste of our Honey.

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