Honeysuckle Tea House

One of our primary intentions with the Honeysuckle Tea House is to follow in the footsteps of Hippocrates as well as other traditions around the world, that food and medicine can be one in the same thing. Plants have a vast array of beneficial constituents and have evolved with us to help us reach and maintain healthy lives. This is why we focus on organically grown and freshly prepared food and herbs that we gladly offer to our community. We also believe that there is an art to food and healing, and are committed to crafting the highest quality herbal and food products while adding warmth, joy and love to all we do.

Listing last updated on Jan 2, 2015

The Honeysuckle Tea House and Gardens is a destination for families who seek health, community, safe play, and learning. It is a place of beauty and life, designed within and informed by its natural setting. We organically grow over 70 types of medicinal plants, berries and mushrooms that offer health-giving properties. We sell teas, tinctures, kombucha, elixirs, shrubs, salves, smoothies, tea blends, fresh herbs, mushrooms and medicinal plants for your home garden.

Schedule and Location:

Honeysuckle Tea House
8817 Pickards Meadow Rd
Chapel Hill NC 27516
open Tuesday thru Sunday
8 - 7 Tues. Wed. Thurs. Sun. 8 - 9 Fri.& Sat.

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Very relaxing beautiful tea house with a wide variety of herbal teas and some regular tea. They even have locally grown camellia sinensis and will soon have their own camellia sinensis teas.

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