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About Hope's Ranch and Our Cattle

Our Goal is to raise lean, heart healthy, diet friendly, antibiotic free, hormone free, flavorful beef for our family and our customers.

Ranching is our passion. Hope's Ranch is a eco-friendly family ranch. It was our dream to live and work in the spectacular mountains of Northern California. Our dedication to providing our family, friends, and dogs, healthy food that inspired us to raise healthy livestock.

Our cows live stress free grazing rotationally on several thousand acres of sweet natural organic wild grass. They drink from artisan spring water. Our Angus and Corriente cattle cow /calf herd have carefully selected by experienced cattle breeders. We specialize producing lean healthy beef calves. They have been on our ranches all of their lives.

We are third generation farmers and have spent years studying the art of finishing cows on grass to ensure that our beef is sweet, savory, and heart healthy.

Healthy Cows, Healthy Beef The health and genetics of our animals is where it all begins. . The herd has hundreds upon thousands of organic rangeland to roam.

We believe that the proper grasses meant for a cow's digestive system, fresh air, clean water, and plenty of room to roam, is key to ensure healthy disease-free cattle and nutritious healthy beef. Free Range, Only Pasture Raised The cattle are born and raised on the same home pastures that they spend the rest of their lives. They live in beautiful country and freely graze all day and night. We do not buy from auction houses or commercial operations. We also encourage our customers to learn about the health hazards to humans and animals in commercial feedlots. There is much contamination and disease caused by grain-fed and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). The confinement and inappropriate diet results in sick animals, and beef lacking the nutrition and flavor found in grass fed, free range beef.

Sustainable Farming Practices Last but not least, we follow sustainable herd and natural resource management practices supported by the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Services. As a result, we use little fossil fuel, conserve water, soil, and eliminate the need for chemicals. An added bonus! Good for the land, and good for the cattle.


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We guarantee that our cattle are Grass Fed and Grass Finished! What cattle eat throughout their life determines the quality and nutrition levels of the beef. Most Beef labeled as natural or grass fed is often finished on grain, corn, wheat, and oat hay, and raised in feed lots.

WHY OUR BEEF? We raise 100% grass fed, 100% grass finished beef.

  • Antibiotic-free, Hormone-free
  • Humanely Raised, Free Range
  • Dry-Aged 21 days
  • Heart Healthy

  • Individual Cuts, Half, and Whole Beef

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