Our chickens are free roaming, pasture raised chickens. We let them out in the mornings to roam and lock them in at dusk when they all enter their coop for the night. They are free to eat grass, weeds, bugs, etc. We do feed them a pelleted diet of Purina Layena Plus Omega 3. They aren't given any hormones or medications. They also eat veggies, fruits, and yogurt if I'm cleaning out my refrigerator. They are friendly and curious chickens and very much a part of our family. They produce delicious eggs.

We have various breeds such as Araucana (green egg layers), Barred Rock (brown egg layers), Buff Orpington (brown egg layers), Partridge Rock (brown egg layers), Black Australorp (brown egg layers) and Pearl Leghorns (white egg layers).

We sell our eggs for $3 a dozen. Each dozen will contain a mix of brown, white and green eggs.

Listing last updated on May 15, 2012

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