Hunts Point's Down to Earth Farmers Market

Bronx, New York
Farmers Market

Hunts Point's Down to Earth Farmers Market

Opening Day for Wednesday's market is July 9, 2014

Listing last updated on Sep 5, 2014

Schedule and Location:

Bronx, NY
Plaza at Hunts Point Ave, 163rd St & Bruckner Blvd
Market open Wednesdays, 8:30AM-4:00PM, 07/09/14-11/19/14

Latest Reviews

Unlike the more popular farmers market downtown, the Hunts Point market is all business. No tourists, no extras. Just local people looking for fresh, locally grown produce. Manageable size and close to my home.

We need farmers market like this one to help teach our communities about fresh fruits and vegetables and their nutritional values and how they can help overcome many health issues this community faces.

I support Hunts Pt. Farmers' Market because it's in my community and everyone living in my community needs fresh food.

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