Farmette for a lifestyle! My spouse and I have changed our lives to be simpler. We grow a three season garden, have eight (more or less depending on the year) Langstroth honeybee hives and 16 heritage breed chickens. Our land is completely chemical free since we took it over (in 2005) and we grow everything as organically as we can. We strive for a natural Colorado setting.

We got honeybees, in 2006 because they are the smallest farm critter we could get and I'd had a beekeeper book since 1993 for just this occasion. We got the heritage chickens in 2011 and well we got too many. These chickens are raised on all organic seed from High Altitude Organics and they lay brown eggs.

If you are local to Evergreen and would like to get a dozen or two of eggs, please send me an email. We get an egg a day as each hen comes on-line. We now are up to one dozen eggs a day. When all the hens are laying I'll need to off load about 10-12 dozen every 2 weeks. We are ready to off load some now (July 2012)!


Listing last updated on May 20, 2013

Heritage breed chickens, organically fed, no chemicals on site. These girls lay brown eggs.

to pick up your eggs, please contact me and we shall schedule a time.

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