Icelandic Lamb's Wool Roving 4oz, brown

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Icelandic Lamb's Wool Roving 4oz, brown

Brown Icelandic lambs' wool from our babies! Pasture-raised on our Ohio Valley farm, Cricket Manor

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Seriously, is there anything softer than lambs wool?

This lambs wool roving is from Cersei and Clodae two of our now beautiful year old ewes.Their lamb fleeces produced wonderfully soft brown-red (moorit) roving. Every time I'm packaging it, my youngest girls will come around begging for a little pieces to touch and rub on their cheeks. :)

Pencil roving (a bit thicker) and very clean with nearly no vegetable. A dream to spin, I am told.

All our wool has been mill-processed without harsh chemicals and sold in their natural color.

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