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iEat Green is an educational and consulting organization that inspires schools, corporations and families to prepare and serve delicious and nourishing foods in an environmentally conscious manner. In other words, iEat Green helps its clients become greener. iEat Green's clients include schools seeking to comply with the federally mandated School Wellness Policy, or hoping to integrate food service with educational programming; corporations looking to improve health and morale through improved cafeteria offerings, and moms who want to delight their families and establish good eating habits with nutritious and delicious meals that do not take forever to prepare.

iEat Green is simple. It promotes eating organic, buying foods from local farmers and eating seasonal foods whenever possible. It recommends a diet high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. It supports sustainable agricultural practices and encourages a connection between the farm, the farmer and the table. Through educational opportunities, iEat Green helps its clients pave the way to a a healthier today and a greener tomorrow.

***Throughout the year, especially during the summer months, iEat Green provides unpaid internships to those looking for experience in the fields of organic gardening, healthy/vegetarian food preparation and service, and food activism. For more information, please email Bhavani at the address listed above.***


Listing last updated on Apr 2, 2013

iEat Green is an educational organization dedicated to motivating individuals to work together to create lifestyles that support the wellness of one's body, mind, spirit, community and planet. By purchasing foods from local farmers and raising the awareness of the inter-connectedness of the foods we eat and their impact on our families, our communities, our economy and our planet, iEat Green is fostering a greener way of life.

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