In The Dell Herb Farm, is an experiment of the grandiose scale. Not only in business but also of lifestyle. It is an effort to become more self-reliant, self-sufficient and self-dependant. Now, that is not to say recluse or hermits. For it is through this type of living, encouraging, supporting, and helping each other in our endeavors that we become self-sustaining. This is what builds strong communities.

My wife and I eat what we grow from wild mushrooms that we forage, to the animals we raise, and the plants and vegetables that we tend.

We as a society have become so dependent on others, that what were once common skills, fifty to a hundred years ago, are now considered to be an art. Soap making, paper making, candle making, preserving your garden, storing root vegetables, are all considered arts and crafts or alternative lifestyles, not necessities.

We no longer have to grow our own food, but have not considered the consequences of that luxury. As a result what we do eat is so loaded with chemicals and preservatives that our health is in jeopardy. We no longer have to bake bread weekly, but the baked goods we do eat contain grains that are so processed that there is no nutritional value in them. The meat that we eat has been genetically modified to grow so large, that it no longer has any flavor. Cows have been developed with hormones to produce so much milk that children are developing sexually premature.

Our family run business is an effort to return to the homestead lifestyle. We have started to raise chickens, rabbits, goats, and this spring we hope to start with pigs, sheep, cattle, and what ever else we might find.

We strive to raise all of our animals organically. Don’t get me wrong we would not let one die for lack of medicine but we will check all alternatives first. The same thing is also true of everything we grow; we try to tend all our gardens & plants organically.

We are located in the beautiful Endless Mountains region of Susquehanna County Pa. We invite you to bring the family and visit In The Dell Herb Farm. Visit the farm animals, gardens, relax and just spend quality time with your loved ones. Bring a picnic lunch, play our lawn and board games; there’s no charge.

For your enjoyment, In The Dell Herb Farm offers special events, as well as guest speakers, lectures, slide shows, and craft classes scheduled throughout the year. The majority of these educational and entertaining events are listed latter in this newsletter under the calendar of events - come have some fun!

We are available to host your group, club, meeting, party, etc… just call and let us know what you would like us to do.

Your patronage helps support a small business that provides personal service, as well as an enjoyable place for you to visit and relax. We thank you for choosing In The Dell Herb Farm for your herbal, educational, and entertainment needs. We hope our love and fascination with times gone by encourages you to examine you life and how you live it. We look forward to your visit and hope to see you soon.

Lori & Lewis DeJoseph


Listing last updated on Mar 29, 2006

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