Indigenous Tuna - Know Your Fisherman

Oakland, California

Indigenous Tuna - Know Your Fisherman

Wild Pacific Albacore - Indigenous Tuna Bringing you the local catch - from the Pacific waters off the California and Oregon coasts.

Know your fisherman and enjoy wild seafood you can trust. We deliver our catch directly from the Melissa Jo into our micro-cannery where it is carefully hand-cut and packed, then cooked in its natural juices - rich with Omega-3s and wild flavor - so don't drain! We are proud to bring you the absolute freshest tuna steaks of wild Pacific Albacore, sustainably caught off the California and Oregon coasts. Enjoy wild seafood you can trust, straight from the source.

Listing last updated on May 15, 2011

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There is no comparison to the commodity tuna you find in the local grocery with Indegenous Tuna. The taste is great, right out of the can. I love my tuna panninis! This is one of those affordable luxuries that's also a product of a highly sustainable local fishery with no unintended by-kill. A can a week is a must on a healthy diet.

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