Iowa Supreme Meats

Iowa Supreme Meats is a family owned meat business. The meat products are farm fresh, and processed at a modern, efficient USDA inspected facility. Processing results in a variety of pre-cooked and vacuum sealed products, as well as frozen products supplied in vacuum sealed packages.

The beef products are lean, moist, tender, nutritious, and flavor packed beef. Calves are raised to produce lean, low cholesterol and low fat, high quality meat.

The pork products are lean and wholesome from Spotted Swine hogs, finished in an outdoor hog facility. Available soon, Berkshire pork products.

Lamb products are available upon request. Lamb products are from Texel - Dorset cross sheep, raised for quality meat.

Meat products are shipped direct anywhere in the continental U.S. Enjoy the wonderful taste of Iowa Supreme Meats everywhere and share the nutritious meat products with family and friends.

Beef Sticks and Beef Jerky are shelf stable and can be shipped world wide.

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"You don't have to be wealthy to eat healthy."

Schedule and Location:

Lakes Area Farmer's Market at the Dickensen County Fairgrounds in Spirit Lake, Iowa on Saturdays from 7:30 a.m.-12:00 noon.


Schedule and Location:

You make pick up products at the farm by calling for an appointment. Products available all year long.

Pork Products

¼ lb. Pork Patties, plain
¼ lb. Pork Patties, seasoned
¼ lb. Brat Patties
Breaded Pork Tenderloin
Windsor Chops (Smoked Pork Chops)
Pork Skinless Hot Dogs-1/5# ea (pre-cooked)
Western Sausage Links
Seasoned Pork Sausage Links
Chili Cheese Dogs (pre-cooked)
Cheese Hot Dogs (pre-cooked)
Smoked Cured Cheese Brats (pre-cooked)
Sauerkraut and Cheese Brats (pre-cooked)
Swiss and Mushroom Brats (pre-cooked)
Jalapeno and Cheddar Cheese Brats (pre-cooked)
Pineapple Brats (pre-cooked)
Tomato, Basil and Garlic Brats (pre-cooked)
Bacon and Cheddar Brats (pre-cooked)
Sweet Onion Brats (pre-cooked)
Green Pepper Onion Brats (pre-cooked)
Cranberry and Wild Rice Brats (pre-cooked)
Cheesy Hash Brown Brats (pre-cooked)
Taco Brats (pre-cooked)
Whiskey Peppercorn Brats (pre-cooked)
Ranch Brats (pre-cooked)
Smoked Picnic Bacon
Smoked Bacon
Smoked Peppered Bacon
Shredded BBQ Pork (Countryside BBQ Sauce, heat & serve)
(Vacuum packed.)(USDA Inspected.)

Poultry Products

Whole Chicken
Whole Chicken (Cut up)
Chicken Breast
(Bagged or vacuum packed and flash frozen, USDA Inspected)

Beef Products

1/4 lb. Ground Chuck Patties (1 lb. packages)
Rib-Eye Steak
New York Strip
Jacquard Sirloin Steak
Summer Sausage
Summer Sausage with Cheese
Jalapeno Summer Sausage
Jalapeno Summer Sausage with Hot Pepper Cheese
Beef Ring Bologna (medium coarse ground)
Beef Brats with Cheese (pre-cooked)
Dried Beef
All Beef ¼ lb. Hot Dogs
Beef Sticks
Beef Sticks with Cheese
Jalapeno with Hot Pepper Cheese Beef Sticks
Shelf Stable Beef Sticks
Beef Jerky
Hickory Smoked, Maple Flavored All Beef Sausage Links
(Vacuum packed.)(USDA Inspected.)

Bison Products

Bison Patties (1/4lb. patties, 4/pkg.)
(Vacuum packed.)(USDA Inspected.)

Lamb Products

Ground Lamb (1 lb. pkg.)
Lamb Chops
Leg of Lamb
(Vacuum packed.)(USDA Inspected.)

Turkey Products
Turkey Jerky
Turkey Breast
Frozen Turkey
Smoked Turkey
(Vacuum packed.)(USDA Inspected.)

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