Iron Hen Cafe

We are an Owner operated coffee shop, cafe, and catering company, with an award-winning chef. We serve organic, fair trade coffee; local, seasonal, and sustainable food daily. It is our mission to connect the food we serve, to the farm it came from, and to the people at our tables.

We favor organic and North Carolina grown, but make concessions in both areas in order to highlight other farmers and producers with time-honored methods and very good products. We pride ourselves in being responsible both locally and globally, by recycling, reducing waste, and insuring all disposable products are eco sound. We look forward to exchange between chef/staff and community in order to grow, and to meet the needs of those we serve.

Listing last updated on Mar 28, 2013

As a Catering company we are dedicated to serving fresh, local, good, Southern-inspired cuisine with a focus on being environmentally conscious. We hope to work with you on your special event with our standard of providing excellent food and service.

Fresh. Local. Good. food group is setting the standard for local, eco-friendly dining in the Triad. Excellence is our measure for both FOOD QUALITY and SERVICE.

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