Island Alpaca 100% Beans: Fertilizer

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Island Alpaca 100% Beans: Fertilizer

Island Alpaca Beans, otherwise known as "Alpaca Gold", makes a terrific gift for the avid gardener.

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Island Alpaca Beans, otherwise known as "Alpaca Gold", makes a terrific gift for the avid gardener. An often overlooked by-product of the alpaca, the alpaca manure is one of the very best fertilizers available on the market today.

Packaged in a burlap sack, with an Island Alpaca silhouette, and gold or raffia ribbon, this 2-pound bag*, can go a long way in the garden; Island Alpaca beans are great for delicate plants and terrific for soil health. Adding it to your garden or lawn can help reduce disease and pest problems.

Organic gardeners constantly work to improve the health of their soil, Alpacas do a great job for us. They are nature's composters. They have a marvelously efficient digestive system. They do not give any seeds the opportunity to germinate.

Alpaca Beans do not have to be "aged or cured". They will not "burn" the plants it comes in contact with and can be applied rather carelessly without fussing. It is lower in organic matter content than the manure from most other barnyard livestock (cows, horses, goats, and sheep), but still has enough to improve soil texture & water-holding capacity.

This lower organic content allows the alpaca beans to be spread directly onto plants without burning them. It is the decomposition of organic matter content of the manure that indicates their efficient digestion systems.

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Enjoy this incredible fiber, and carry the exchange between the ancestral Incan culture and the modern world.