Island Delight

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Island Delight

8-9 lbs. of fresh Florida mangos, hand picked and shipped to your door within 48 hours. The finest varities in season.

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 Island Delight$49.00

Season: Jun-Sep 

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Mangos In Paradise, LLC is a family owned orchard in well known Bokeelia PIne Island, Florida. We are very proud of our beautiful orchard and we grow six varities of delicious high quality mangos. We harvest from June - September each year.

You really cannot buy a better mango. Our fruit is hand picked, never refrigerated and shipped within 48 hours directly to your door for you to enjoy.

Most of the mangos sold in the United States are produced in other countries and require a hot water treatment before being shipped to the stores. It goes without saying that once you tasted a fresh Florida mango that been handled with care from the tree to your table you will immediately taste and know the real difference in truly delcious fruit.

Our mangos have been grown naturally and have been cared for in every way to bring you the finest mango possible. Our farming practice is intergrated pest mangement.

Depending on the time of season we will have six cultivars available: Glenn, Julie, Keitt ,Lancetilla, Nam Doc Mai, and Valencia Pride. With this excellent variety of mangos we can supply you with the very best tasting mangos from our sunny Florida orchard each week according to availabilty.

We also grow papaya and sapodilla in season.

At Mangos In Paradise we have five varieties of mangos. These mangos are selected for their exquisite taste and are hand picked and shipped to your door. We at Mangos In Paradise take great care in growing and handling our mangoes to ensure that you will enjoy the best tasting highest quality mango you have ever eaten.

Mangos In Paradise is a a small American family orchard located in the Bokeelia, Pine Island Florida and is well established for producing some of Flordia\\\'s finest mangos. It goes without saying that the very best are fresh fruit from Florida especially mangos. Unlike those that are commonly available in the market our mangos do not have to be immersed in hot water as the imports, thus retaining all the delicious flavor and texture that makes a superior mango.

Mangos In Paradise, LLC The best Florida mangos from Bokeelia, Pine Island Florida shipped to your door