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Island Mountain Farm, 120 pristine, unpolluted acres located high in the Okanogan Highlands of Washington State, provides a clean, secure and humane atmosphere for our premiere quality, pasture raised lambs.

Our family farm, where pesticides are forbidden, is located just east of Tonasket, Washington almost 3,000 above sea level on the western edge of the Highlands where the views are vast and stunning, the air and pure, untreated well water are as clean as Mother Nature can make them.

We are proud of the fact our sheep and lambs live on pasture and forage for food.

They are not given any growth enhancing substances.

We purchase organically grown alfalfa to feed our ewes and rams through winter or during rough times when natural food is scarce.

Grain is offered to ewes only after they lamb to help them recover from birthing and to promote milk production.

Our lambs never receive grain.


We insure that the sheep live and graze freely and calmly in an environment where they are protected from predation.

We use fencing, trained livestock guardian dogs and anti-predator light units to maintain our animals' safety. We interact with the sheep daily to monitor their health (and because they're wonderful animals to spend time with!)

They are handled and transported in ways that meet or accede The American Meat Institute guidelines.

Katahdin lamb meat is very mild compared to the traditional taste of the wool sheep breeds.

This balanced and mild flavor is due in part to less lanolin. Katahdins are hair sheep and have hair coats rather wool and thus produce less lanolin.

Katahdin lamb, the highest quality, best tasting lamb most people will ever consume, has many health benefits.

~ It has lower fat content than most other types of lamb.

~ It also tends to be leaner, has considerably lower cholesterol and calories and has higher amounts of essential Omega 3 acids.

Even those who have not enjoyed lamb in the past will be surprised at the quality and wonderful taste of our meat.

The Okanogan Highlands is located in the northern end of the Sonora Desert. A normal year's precipitation is between 10 and 12 inches.

There is a body of evidence to support the claim that soils in dryer environments tend to have higher nutritional levels than soils in wetter climates due in part to the fact that over time rain leaches nutrients out of the upper layers of soil.

Additionally, our soil is a clay-based loam that holds moisture and nutrients in a zone where plant roots can reach them.

And the plants our lambs feed on are dense in both minerals and protein resulting in nutritionally dense meat that is both healthy and flavorful.

Once you've tried Island Mountain Farm's premiere Katahdin lamb meat you may never go back to "regular" lamb again.


The Kresge family Island Mountain Farm


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