We initially started with 4 dozen day old chicks from dual-purpose breeds known for good brown egg production and meat. Today we raise chickens for the benefit of a healthier eating choice, to improve the breed to APA standards and for the mental health benefits chicken watching has to offer.

Currently our egg laying flock (which is also NPIP certified) is comprised of Ameraucanas, Welsummers, a variety of Marans, Orpingtons, Cochins, and Brahmas. Our grandchildren really like eggs proportionate to thier size so we also offer bantam eggs in blue, white, light brown. Our bantam flock is made up of Ameraucanas, Belgian d'Uccles, cochins, Sebrights, Sultans, White-Crested Black Polish and English Game birds.

We do sell our eggs for hatching and also small chicks (when available). We love to talk about having a small backyard flock and how to keep them healthy and safe from predators. We have even taken some of our birds to church for the children that are not normally exposed to livestock to pet and hold.


Listing last updated on Mar 19, 2013

We also have Toggenburg Dairy Goats (ck sales availability), Miniature Texas Longhorn Cow & Heifer Calf (husband's pasture ornaments), Large Black hogs we raise for ourselves and a flock of Guineas that are our bug experts, keeping fleas and ticks out of the property near the house. Great for our dogs! And the Guineas are also our intruder alert. Nothing gets past them without us knowing, too.

We consider all of our feather and fur friends as our extended family.

Call ahead for eggs, raw goat's milk (must supply your own container). We can arrange for delivery if we are in the neighborhood.

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