Taken on as a project to provide ourselves with fresh poultry and eggs as well as an activity and real-world business and finance lesson for our children Julian, Laurence, Carys and Kurt (hence the name of our enterprise), J&L ChicKens strives to produce the best tasting eggs and broilers you’ll find locally.

We grow our chickens on pasture, fresh air, good food, and sunshine, so they are healthier than factory raised chicken. Our hens are allowed to free range on several acres and the broilers are raised as pastured poultry. We don’t use pesticides, steroids, antibiotics or other enhancers that are needed to keep factory raised chickens alive. The result is great tasting chicken. We are calling our chickens All Natural; we are not classified as Organic as this is a Federal standard that doesn’t always live up to its name.

We now have fresh broilers and eggs available for purchase at our farm or at the Freight Station Farm Market in Winchester, VA.

In addition to the above products, we will be offering “Easter” eggs starting in October; they they are colored beautifully in blue and green and are of great interest to most children. They can be boiled or eaten just like other eggs. We will also be offering Marans and Welsummer eggs which are more of a gourmet type egg as the shell is dark brown/russet in color.

Check out our web site for more information and pictures! Our order forms can be found there as well and we will also take orders over the phone, so leave a message. We recommend that you only buy if you are local to us as this will preserve the freshness of the chicken. We do not ship out of state, but you are welcome to come pick up your chicken at our farm once they are processed or see us at the Freight Station Market in Winchester, VA on most Saturday mornings! Call if you want to check to make sure we will be there, but most Saturdays we will be.


Listing last updated on Oct 2, 2007

¤ Pastured Poultry

¤ Fresh Range Eggs (Brown and "Easter")

¤ In addition to J&L ChicKens, we also do business as as Desert Storm Arabians and do preservation breeding on rare bloodlines of Doyle/Crabbet Arabian horses, with some horses for sale.

Schedule and Location:

Freight Station Market in downtown Winchester, Virginia on Saturdays!

Schedule and Location:

Our farm, any weekend, call in advance, until 6 pm for winter hours.

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