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Hello! Thanks for looking at our listing! A little about who we are and what we are doing. J&L Green Farm is owned and operated by Jordan (me) and Laura (my lovely wife) Green. I was an apprentice at the nationaly recognized Polyface Farm during 2001-2002. While there I was trained in this whole back to the basics all natual food production that is sweeping the nation. After graduating from their program I spent the next few years helping aspiring farmers all over the country start their own operations. In 2004 I joined the United States Marine Corps and served on 2 overseas tours. In 2009 when the time to reinlist came close and after much thought and prayer Laura and I decided to leave the military and persue our dreaming of having our own farm. We moved back to Virginia in July of 2009 and began work on our dream. Employing methods learned while at Polyface Farm we are excited about bringing clean. healthy food to our friends and neighbors! Recently we recieved an email asking about our organic status. The sender urged us to post our reply so here it is: "Hi, Thanks for your interest! We are not certified organic several reasons. Foremost is that in our opinion the term "certified organic" has been co opted by industrialized agriculture and USDA bureaucracy. Animals can still be raised in confinement houses under horrible conditions but as long as the feed is "certified organic" and no antibiotics or hormones are used the end product can be sold as certified organic. The term has little baring on actual animal husbandry practices. It puts faith in a label instead of a relationship between farmers and consumers. Or philosophy is that animals should be raised in an environment closely mimicking natural habitat. Cows are moved often to fresh grass and are 100% grass fed. Poultry follow behind herbavores cleaning up cowpies and debugging the fields. Pastures are given time to rest and rejuvenate. Our pigs are forest finished, rotating in woodland paddocks fully enjoying use of their snouts to root for whatever they can find. We do not use hormones or steriods, ever. We will use an antibiotic for a sick animal but this is very rare. All of our feed is GMO FREE. This year we will have Pastured eggs (from chickens and ducks), Salad Bar Beef (halves, quarters and by the cut), Forest Finished Pork ( whole, halves and by the cut) and Lamb. We are also working on a line of pre-made meals featuring our products. We are currently working on our 2010 pricelist. I'd be happy to email it to you when ready. Feel free to stop by anytime! Thanks, Jordan Green


Listing last updated on Feb 26, 2010

Raising salad bar beef, pastured chicken and duck eggs, pastured pork, and pastured lamb, all available for you to enjoy. Give us a call or email anytime. We would love to hear from you!

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