J.O.G for Health Farm

JOG for Health farm has followed nature's model to grow sustainably and organically for about 25 years. This is done by using compost, close plant spacing in raised beds and diverse varieties of plants grown rather than large areas with one variety. Birds and beneficial insects are encouraged by planting flowers and herbs around and within the garden. We specialize in greens from May to November. We direct market on a small scale to retail customers primarily by delivery. Greens offered are lettuces, kale, collards, spinach, arugula and other seasonal greens. Other produce items are available also. We have free range organic eggs.

Listing last updated on Apr 21, 2013

NOFA-NY Farmer¢¯¿½?¢â?ž¢s Pledge 2013

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My produce is always clean and fresh. Different varieties of greens; potatoes, parsnips. The chickens just hang out around the house with lots of fresh grass to pick from.... [more]

Their produceand eggs are always fresh and flawless.

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