Located in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city, the recently expanded Jackson Heights Greenmarket is our largest and busiest market in Queens. Beautifully situated along the edge of Travers Park, this bustling Sunday market draws a large crowd of families, long-time residents and young couples who come out to shop, enjoy the lively scene, and meet and greet their neighbors. The Friends of Travers Park designated 78th a "playstreet" where they host family-friendly events each Sunday adjacent to the market, making this market a real destination. Reflecting the culinary diversity of the neighborhood, the Jackson Heights market offers a wide selection of vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish, honey, chicken and specialty Mexican produce. This season we are adding more poultry, pork, cut flowers and an even greater variety of fruit.

Listing last updated on May 16, 2014

Schedule and Location:

Jackson Heights
34 Avenue between 77 & 78 Streets, and on 78 St between 34 Avenue and Northern Blvd.
Sundays Year Round

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Great produce, out of this world scallops, and wonderful new city play street that is closed to traffic.

It is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood, gives us fresh wonderful food and even buffalo mozzarella, and is definitely the place to be on sundays!

I think it is important to have access to healthier produce in our neighborhood.

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