Jacob Sheep / Mulberry Silk Yarn

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Jacob Sheep / Mulberry Silk Yarn

3-ply Jacob Sheep/Mulberry Silk (85%/15%) yarn. Ideal for hand-knitting, crochet, and felting.

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Jacob sheep / Mulberry silk 3-ply worsted weight yarn (85%/15%). Jacobs are a rare and endangered breed of sheep raised on our farm in central Ohio. Jacobs are a black and white spotted sheep, as such, the resulting yarn color has a beautiful heathered or tweedy appearance after the two colors are blended during carding and spinning. The yarn is not dyed. Our Jacob sheep foundation stock was specially selected for their soft fleeces and the resulting yarn can be used for projects worn next to the skin.

Each skein weighs at least or greater than 3.8oz and contains at least or greater than 300 yards of yarn. This luxurious yarn has a greyish heather appearance and has not been dyed. Our raw wool is sent to Ohio Valley Natural Fibers in Sardinia, Ohio and processed into yarn.

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