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*2014* We currently are raising two weaner pigs on our surplus goat milk that will be available in late fall (November 2014) and will be available for purchase either as a whole or half. We will have them processed, cut and wrapped to your desire. Please e-mail for availability.

With only two hogs being raised a year, our hogs are a seasonal specialty product. This milk fed pork is extremely limited and only available until our next harvest the following year in the late fall/winter of 2015. Our number one passion is our dairy goats. We have a small farm, breeding only high quality, nationally recognized Nubian dairy goats. They are nationally and internationally recognized for their quality milk production, show success and our maintenance of a disease free herd.

With our dedication we put into our dairy goats raising a nationally recognized herd, our does in turn produce a rich, healthy surplus of milk for us in return. We in turn use their wonderful milk to feed two pigs a season on their milk. Our weanling piglets are raised up to approximately 270 pounds live weight before harvest.

Milk fed pork is one of the most unique specialty meats available. The meat from milk fed hogs is a rare commodity and highly valued since it is considered a delightful delicacy when it can be acquired. Many consider milk fed pork to be the finest pork available, as do we.

We've been purchasing our cross-bred piglets from the same trusted, reputable breeder for many years now. It is because of the health, human treatment and TLC this particular breeder puts into her hogs we've remained faithful to purchasing our annual weaner pigs from her.

Our piglets start their life here at our farm on an abundant diet of fresh goats milk. By maturity they are consuming approximately 10 gallons a day of our goats milk, and in turn they produce the highest quality, specialty meat available for the consumer.

Our pig's diet along with the milk they consume, includes the best quality locally grown alfalfa hay available. The alfalfa hay gives the pigs the greens they enjoy in their diet, that I feel is essential since we live in the desert and are unable to raise them on pasture. Besides the abundance of free fed milk and alfalfa hay they are fed, they occasionally receive whey from my cheese making attempts and organic trimmings from fruits and vegetables we consume that they love as special treats. This consists of their diet until they are market sized hogs and go in for harvesting. No GMO corn or soy are fed. Our pigs are ANIMAL WASTE PRODUCT FREE! Absolutely no commercial or medicated feed is fed, and no GMO grains such as corn or soybean is directly fed to our pigs! Naturally we use NO growth hormones! NO antibiotics are administered either orally or by injection to our pigs! The old adage is; "You are what you eat" With pork this saying is especially true because a pig deposits dietary fat directly into their muscle. What they eat, you eat.

Since our pigs are raised on a diet of goats milk and supplemented with local farm raised alfalfa hay and organic trimmings, it is 100% natural. We personally consider the meat to be close to organic without certification as we can feasibly do.

Besides the physical maintenance of how our pigs are maintained, on the personal side of raising our pigs is the fact they are raised with TLC and given affection the way pigs enjoy. Happy contented pigs fed excellently, produce excellent quality meat. With the humane, compassionate stewardship we provide all our animals, it gives us peace of mind to sleep peacefully at night. We will raise a pit pig by special order. However it is dependent on availability of a weaner pig and require 1/2 down before securing a weaner pig. Price TBD

A deposit is required on all orders.

On a whole or half hog, the buyer is charged per pound live weight, determined at the time of harvest at weigh-in on a full sized market hog. (Pit pigs are are 60.00 plus an additional 7.00 per lb live weight at time of weigh in. Our hogs are weighed on the processer's certified scale and the buyer pays us live weight per pound when live weight is determined. We strive for the ideal weight of 270 pounds. However we can only guess their weight by age and appearance until they are officially weighed in.

On the purchase of half a hog, the live weight is halved and you are charged on half the live weight at weigh-in.

We do not charge for delivery of your hog to the processer.

A 100.00 non-refundable deposit is required for pre-orders. Your deposit is applied to the balance, is due at time of delivery for harvest.

Meat is not released until we are paid. If a failure to pay us, both meat and deposit is relinquished to us.

The buyer provides the processor with the cut, cure and wrapping instructions they desire regarding their personal choices of processing. Such as number of chops & steaks per package, size of roasts, sausage, cured, fresh etc.

The buyer pays all fees charged by the processor that includes harvesting, cut & wrap and curing if desired on a 1/2, whole or pit pig.

The buyer is responsible to pick up their meat directly from the processor.

A 270 lb live weight hog renders "approximately" 160 pounds of cut and wrapped meat. A half hog renders "approximately" 80 pounds of cut and wrapped meat. Sorry, no quarters sold. If less then approximately 80 lbs of meat is desired we ask you to find someone to split your half a hog with after you pick up your meat.


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All natural MILK FED pork.

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