Jako Farm

Jako Farm is a grass-based farm providing the healthiest food possible without the use of chemicals, synthetic hormones, or antibiotics.

We operate a grass-only dairy, giving the milk the maximum amount of CLA and omega-3s. The cows produce seasonally and are allowed to dry up in the winter months. From this all-grass, raw milk, we make and sell whole milk, cream, skim milk, butter, yogurt, kefir, and cheese. All-grass beef cuts are also available.

Jako Farm also raises other pasture meats, including: all-grass lamb, pastured chickens, pastured turkeys and pastured pork.

Our family farm also includes an orchard and garden, which provides: all-natural strawberries, all-natural apple cider, apple sauce, apple cider vinegar and apple butter, and all-natural garden produce.

Our farm also hosts events for large and small groups, including catered meals featuring products grown exclusively from our farm. Visit www.jakofarm.com/events for more information.


Listing last updated on Jun 19, 2013

Host your next event at Jako Farm! We specialize in pasture meals, weddings, and barn events.

Schedule and Location:

Produce availble on the farm year round. Please call before you come to make sure we will be here.

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