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At Janzow Farms we pride ourselves in being environmentally friendly. We use no chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers on any of our produce. We feel a great swelling of pride as we watch our two young boys pick fruits or veggies straight from the plant and pop them into their mouths without a worry about what might be on the produce. We encourage you as a consumer to "Buy Local". To us it's just not fresh if it's been trucked hundreds or thousands of miles to your local grocer.

FARMER'S MARKETS We currently attend the Cape Riverfront Market on Saturday mornings from 8am-noon

EGGS The hens are housed in a portable coop that allows them access to fresh grass and bugs so that your egg yolks are the brightest orange possible! Eggs will be available at the market for $3.50/dz .

MEATS Grassfed Beef ground only $5/lb

Pork sold by 1/2 or whole price based on market value. Raised outdoors in large paddocks. Breeding stock and feeder pigs also available please call for information.


Listing last updated on Aug 1, 2012

Schedule and Location:

Cape Riverfront Market Saturday 8am-noon
Spanish St in Cape Girardeau, MO

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We were new to the area and for a variety of reasons never buy meat that comes from the supermarket (i.e. factory farms/CAFOs). So we were simply going without until I first found Janzow ground beef while picking up fresh, tasty cow's milk from a great neighboring farm, Family Friendly Farm.... [more]

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