Jasper Manor Garden

Jasper Manor Garden is a small family farm located near Spokane, WA. We started out with just a few rabbits and ducks and now have rabbits, four different breeds of ducks, Coturnix quail, and heritage breed turkeys. My children are a large part of why I started raising animals and our farm is not only a business, but is also an important part of teaching them about responsibilities and how natural foods are raised.

Most of the rabbits we raise for meat are Flemish Giant hybrids, although we do occasionally have purebreed Flemish Giant and Satin rabbits for sale. We feed our rabbits primarily grass, which we hand harvest with a scythe every morning. Because of this we only breed our rabbits in the spring and summer, and have meat available in the summer and fall.

Our flock of more than 50 ducks consists of Khaki Campbells, Cayugas, Welsh Harlequin, and Black Runners. Hatching eggs and ducklings for all of those breeds are available in the spring. Eating eggs are available year-round. Our ducks are free range and spend their days swimming and playing in our many ponds, or hunting for insects in my garden.

The Coturnix quail we have are Jumbo Texas A&M, Jumbo Coturnix, and Jumbo Golden Coturnix. While we can't free range them (they would fly away and never come back), we do provide them with a clean environment and activities that wild quail enjoy doing. Evey day we give them fresh grass with the seed heads in it, so they can happily pick out wild grains, like they would in the wild.


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