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Heritage Breed Chickens on Pasture

Our pretty ladies reside in mobile hen houses in the pastures where they can forage for natural foods consisting of plants and bugs. They are also fed certified organic feed and oyster shell. The girls are protected from land predators using portable electric fences and are locked up after being counted and tucked in for the night. They also have handsome roosters to watch after them. (The roosters are selected for temperament, their ability to find food for the hens, warn them of predators, and woo them --in other words, how well they dance for the girls!)

  • Education programs and consulting available - ask us about backyard chicken keeping!
  • Hens are fed Certified Organic feed right from hatching and are introduced to pasture within the first two weeks of life.
  • Listing last updated on May 16, 2014

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    Bought my 1st set of eggs today and I couldn't be happier. These organic, soy free, and pasteured eggs have a huge orange yoke that is plump and as fresh as they can be. This is gold standard right here. Thanks Jen!

    Jen's Hen's chicken eggs are the best I've ever had -- the yolks "stand at attention" when you crack 'em open and the flavor is rich and wonderful...just like eggs used to be, and worth every cent!

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