Jersey Girls Raw Milk Shares

We sell raw milk (through the purchase of dairy cow shares), organic eggs, dairy products, and fresh organic artisan bread. Our milk is from all grass and pasture fed Jersey cows (producing the highest butter fat content milk). Located in Florence, Colorado, we also serve Ca±on City, Penrose, Freemont County, Pueblo, Salida, and Colorado Springs.

Raw milk (non-pasteurized and non-homogenized milk) has natural enzymes and bacteria in it that aid in the digestion process, helping our bodies to absorb the calcium and other nutrients in the milk. These ingredients are destroyed in store bought milk through the high heat process of pasteurization that changes the nutritional composition of the milk.Pasteurization destroys vitamins, renders enzymes inactive, denatures the whey proteins, and alters the mineral content. Some people who experience lactose intolerance with store bought milk, do not have this problem with raw milk. The beneficial bacteria in raw milk provides a defense against harmful bacteria. The butterfat in milk helps prevent stiff joints. Raw milk has been found to have many other beneficial and healing properties.

Visit our website to find more about the benefits of raw, local milk and to find a complete list of products available from the farm.


Listing last updated on Apr 1, 2009

Try our fresh breads and pizza dough! One $5.00 pizza dough makes three 11" pizzas, it's all natural and fresh.

Season:  January through January

Type:  single farm

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Work Req?  No

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Corrine and Mike are just great. They provide bread for our CSA and are very reliable and have excellent products. I highly recommend them for any of their products!

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