Jerusalem Artichokes (Sunchokes)

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Jerusalem Artichokes (Sunchokes)

Freshly dug Jerusalem Artichoke tubers, also known as Sun Chokes. Certified Naturally Grown. Shipped to you direct from my garden.

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Season: Oct-Dec 


Season: Oct-Dec 

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Season: Oct-Dec 

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Jerusalem Artichokes are a Native plant/vegetable that grows extremely well in the northern 2/3 of the US. The delicious tubers are harvested after frost each Fall. At that time the tubers are loaded with inulin; most of the starch doesn't start to form until later in the season or if the tubers are dug and eaten the following Spring. Inulin is beneficial to diabetics.

The tubers can be prepared as you would potatoes, but also can be eaten raw and have a water chestnut-like consistency. They're great raw in salads or lightly sauteed in oil and garlic as a side dish.

My seed stock has been grown by me for more than 10 years in a natural and organic manner. My crops and garden are Certified Naturally Grown, and I use NO chemicals, pesticides, nor herbicides when growing these delicious tubers. They will last for weeks in the refrigerator if you keep them lightly moist in a sealed bag. And if critters aren't a problem in your garden, you can keep them in the ground and just dig them up as needed throughout the season for eating.

Please be advised the Jerusalem artichokes can be invasive, so give them their own space in your garden and expect for them to expand every year. Once established in rich, loamy soil, you should see beautiful growth of 6-12' plants that produce small sunflowers with a pleasant smell.

Plant them about 2-4" deep and 8-12" apart. I am selling SEED stock this year, ie: tubers for planting. Any questions, please ask.

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