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Reserve your pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkey now! Local! Non-GMO Feed! No chemicals! No antibiotics! http://www.whiffletreefarmva.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/2014-Turkey-Order-Form.pdf

We are a small family farm in my hometown of Warrenton Virginia featuring pasture-raised chickens, turkeys (for Thanksgiving and Christmas!), pigs and cows! All our animals are frequently moved onto fresh pasture/forage. We raise everything with the purpose of allowing the animal to thrive naturally so that it does not need chemicals, antibiotics, etc. and so the eater and the land can flourish!

We raise the standard Cornish Cross meat chicken as well as the Freedom Ranger. For Thanksgiving and Christmas we raise white broad breasted turkeys. In addition to the grass and bugs, they eat a non-genetically modified feed, where the soybeans are roasted (which helps mitigate bad aspects of the soy). We process all the poultry on our farm. Our hens and pigs receive a non-genetically modified feed. Non of our pork products contain MSG or is brined in nitrates. Our cattle are 100% grass-fed. No animals are given any chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, appetite stimulants, or any other band-aid for unhealthy farming practices.

Come visit us at our regular store hours: Fridays 9-11 AM or Saturdays 3-5pm. If that does not work for your schedule call us to make an appointment for anytime besides Sundays. Also, if it is more convenient, ask us about our Northern Virginia and Charlottesville deliveries. You can check our delivery times and locations on our website: www.whiffletreefarmva.com. (540) 349-3099.

Thank you for your support! Jesse Straight


Listing last updated on Nov 6, 2014

APPRENTICESHIP OPPORTUNITY! We are currently looking for hard working, cheerful, teachable interns and/or apprentices. We have 4-month long internship or 1-year long apprenticeship programs with stipend, room, and board (Whiffletree Farm food). Please contact us for more details (540) 349-3099.

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Come to our regular store hours: Fridays 9-11 am and Saturdays 3-5pm. If that does not work for your schedule call us to make an appointment anytime besides Sundays. (540) 349-3099. Also, if it is more convenient call us or go to our website (www.whiffletreefarmva.com) to find out about our Charlottesville and Northern Virginia deliveries. Thank you!

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