Jewelweed Soap Poison Ivy Relief! 3 Bars! 4oz

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Jewelweed Soap Poison Ivy Relief! 3 Bars! 4oz

Jewelweed Soap is a must have for the summer. Once you use Jewelweed you will never use anything else!

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Our Jewelweed Soap is all natural Glycerin and Jewelweed plant soap. It's wonderful at washing away the oils from Poison Ivy and Oak. It also soothes the itch of active rashes. So don't let Poison Ivy get you down this summer! have Jewelweed Salve and soap on hand and have a itch free summer!

Our 4 ounce salve is enough for all summer long. Remember it only takes 2-3 days of use to clear the rash, so you don't really use a lot. It sells for $8.99. So don't let the fear of poison ivy keep you out of your favorite summer places!

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