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Our family website promotes Local Grown Foods for both safety and environmental reasons. We have been strong advocates since early 2007.

We have put our money where our mouth is and are dedicated to promoting local grown foods, back yard gardening, greenhouses and Eco-Green housing.

We hope we can be of support to you and the Local Grown concept. There is no doubt to it's urgency and importance.

January, 2010

Many have asked why we no longer update our "Jie's World" website since December 5, 2008.

Ironically, even with all our concern about food and safety, our little Jie became one of the victims of "melamine" milk poison in mid 2008. We immediately left China and returned to the US for treatment. It's been a long and painful recovery. Well, not recovery but maybe stabilization.

Unfortunately, too much of our food source continues to come from China, even many, many ingredients and products in the health stores.

We are continuing our lives and even more dedicated to Local Grown Foods and realistic solutions to assist in this important trend.

Sincerely, Barry, Yanhua, Jie and our staff


Listing last updated on Jan 17, 2010

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