Joe's Grass Fed Beef

At Joe's Grass Fed Beef, we do not use chemicals, commercial fertilizers or antibiotics and we do not feed grain. Our animals are raised the natural way; they enjoy relaxed summers grazing in our rotational pastures and spend winter weather feeding on baled hay.

You can expect these finished GRASSFED animals to have a hanging carcass weight of 650 - 950 pounds. We can have the processor separate into halves or quarters to split among family or friends; we can also accumulate individual orders if you don't have someone to split a whole beef. We are marketing direct to the consumer at $2.00/pound based on hanging carcass weight. If you have been shopping, you will recognize this as a good value price for an excellent product.

With a deposit of $100 by mail per animal ($50/half, $25/quarter) payable to Joe's Grass Fed Beef, your steer will be delivered to Poole's Meat Processing in Standish, Michigan. Poole's will dry-age the meat and package according to your instructions. They will charge you $30 to kill your steer plus 39 cents per pound based on the hanging weight to cut, wrap, and freeze. Final payment is requested the day you pick up your order or sooner. Poole's will expect their processing fees when you pick up your meat.

Supplies are limited. Land line (989) 777-9070 or cell: (989) 777-3020. .


Listing last updated on Nov 23, 2009

$2.00 per pound - Grass Fed Beef --

The steaks are nicely marbled and our ground beef cooking produces a delightful aroma and a taste that has to be experienced.

Limited supply. Call (989) 777-9070

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